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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Monster In Law


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Bringing Jane Fonda, Michael Vartan and Jennifer Lopez (aka: J-Lo, Jenny From The Block… do you smell a tax shelter scandal?) together for a movie should have atleast brought forth more than just a chuckle or two sprinkled in throughout the movie, but it didn’t. While the storyline is “plausible”, it doesn’t offer much more than what you see in the preview clips: spoiled son of wealthy mother meets, and falls instantly in love with, bohemian, broke-but beautiful girl. Mother makes wild attempts at splitting the two lovers up while still saving face with the son. Mother and daughter-in-law to be become friends in the end and the guests throw rice.

Notable characters who make the movie worth seeing:

Ruby -
Wanda Sykes (This woman was hilarious, credit to the writers of her lines of course... but a magnificent delivery of the material. If it weren't for Ruby's character this movie would have been a complete bore.)

Viola Fields -
Jane Fonda (The best scenes of this movie are indesputably the ones where Viola is throwing her tantrums and having repeated break downs. The best of these scenes is during the tv interview where she pounces on an unsuspecting Britney Spears doppleganger.)

Notable characters for all the wrong reasons:

Charlie -
Jennifer Lopez (It's that I don't believe the sincerity of her character. It's not horrible throughout the movie watching Lopez but there are a couple of scenes where I just rolled my eyes and thought 'where was the director on that shot? why didn't they reshoot that scene? that was completely phony' You'll notice this in the scene where she receives the engagement ring from Vartan and says "Really?".)

Kevin -
Michael Vartan (Believe it or not, he's in the movie... but you'd have to watch the credits to confirm it. If they had pulled a guy in off the street to play the role it would have had as much impact.)

If you're looking for a handful of chuckles and a supporting character who steals the show, this flick is a winner.


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yeah i thought this movie sucked to

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