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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants


Being a woman you would think that I would not only flock to this movie, but come bearing a box of tissue, loads of chocolate and three of my closest girlfriends for this anticipated tear fest. While I did manage to sneak some chocolate in, and a McDonald's Big Extra (modified into a quarter pounder), and my closest girlfriend, the tissues were in absentia.

The movie starts out with some heart felt moments, albeit a bit cliche, between 4 teenage girlfriends setting out for the summer with the magic of the mysterious lyrca-laden jeans unbeknownst to them. While the storyline is moving, the onscreen "action" is slow and at times tedious enough to be begging for the next scene to begin. The characters are portrayed as your typical middle-American highschool girlsquad, with the blonde bombshell,
Bridget, the misunderstood artistic genius, Tibby, the shy but beautiful searching-for-herself, Lena, and last but certainly not least, the recipient of the most magic from the jeans (as it is bafflying to the mind that she fit into them as readily as the other three remarkably more petite characters) Carmen, who is struggling with the realities of divorce and the loss of attention from a distant father. The storyline does away with the pulling at the heartstrings approach to drama and inserts a vicious attack by adding a dying child to ensure tears are shed by viewers.

While I left this movie with a streak of emotion on my cheek, I do not feel that it was given the justice that the readers of
Ann Brashares' book would have wanted based on their reviews. Unless you're desperate to see a chick flick, save your money and rent this one.


For the men: under no circumstances should you punish yourself with this movie... even to impress a potential girlfriend or gain brownie points from an existing one.

For the ladies: asking a man to see this movie with you is the relationship kiss of death. If you have to see it, see it with a girlfriend.

Characters Notable and Otherwise:

Amber Tamblyn .... Tibby

Alexis Bledel .... Lena

America Ferrera .... Carmen

Blake Lively .... Bridget

Jenna Boyd .... Bailey


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