Reel 2 Reel Movie Reviews: July 24, 2005

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Wedding Crashers


Forgive the hiatus.... I've been busy building my Twenty-Ten blog.

Holy crap... this movie is HILARIOUS!!

It's impossible to highlight any one line from this nonstop roller coaster of comedy. Vince Vaughan's speedy rants are cause for subtitles when this DVD hits the shelves. I expect to be one of the first owners of this flick.

Ordinarily I am far from a fan of Owen Wilson, for some reason I just can't get past his nose. I realize that it's his trademark, but surely to God, Dr. 90210 could offer him some assistance. Perhaps he could be remembered for his sloppy blonde locks instead of that beak.

If you're looking for funny, off the wall comments and you've got a couple of hours freed up... this is the movie to go and see!

Enjoy! And feel free to add your comments below... I hope to spread the word about Wedding Crashers far and wide.

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